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Berlin Airport,

Project description

The Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg Airport GmbH (FBB) operates Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), with its approximately 1,200 buildings and facilities for a wide variety of purposes on a 1,470-hectare site.

FBB’s Real Estate division provides the core business with the requisite airport infrastructure, and is responsible for its operation and long-term development.

In future, the aim is to optimize real estate management over the life cycle of buildings and facilities. Focusing on lowering costs and increasing revenue, future decision-making will be based on consistent and transparent data. This in turn will minimize business and investment risks.

Multidimensional management of the entire real estate portfolio is not possible unless a holistic portfolio model with analysis tools, adapted organization and processes is in place. Moreover, this approach lays the foundation for enshrining the targeted implementation of the green airport strategy in real estate management.


Service provider’s role

From 2021, PIX Immobilienmanagement in partnership with Logo Infraconsult GmbH supported BER Airport to strategically realign its real estate management strategy. The aim is to effectively merge the multidimensional strategic real estate and corporate needs with the operative management of the individual objects in the future. PIX Immobilienmanagement contributed its expertise in real estate to the future infrastructure portfolio management concept and to developing a real estate KPI system. As a technical expert, it also steered the pilot phase and its evaluation. 

Services provided

Collaborating with management, the corporate goals were incorporated into the core topics of a real estate strategy that will be implemented in the future. A superordinate infrastructure portfolio management concept is planned that will operate as a newly established link between the strategic and operative real estate management concepts. 

For its definition and design, PIX Immobilienmanagement drew on its longstanding expertise and developed a customer-specific KPI model as a holistic steering approach for the infrastructure portfolio. Existing data were analyzed and areas for which there are no data identified. During a pilot phase, the robustness of the KPI model was successfully tested for selected buildings. Areas for which no statements could be made and areas where there is need for action were clearly highlighted. It was recommended to adjust company processes and to integrate real estate and infrastructure aspects more strongly into the customer’s heterogeneous IT landscape. A catalog of actions was created for the impending implementation phase. The roll-out phase was postponed due to the organizational restructuring measures at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. 


Berlin Brandenburg Airport GmbH
Contact: Mr. Christoph Hansel


  • Definition of objectives and gap analysis
  • Incorporation of the CREM strategy in further corporate strategies.
  • Development of a real estate/specific KPI model
  • Conception of the implementation strategy, including organizational and process adaptations
  • Execution of the pilot phase
  • Evaluation of the pilot for roll-out phase

Project data

  • Heterogeneous inventory portfolio with 300 properties & 900 infrastructure projects
  • Project execution in partnership with PIX Immobilienmanagement | LOGO IC share: 40%
  • Project duration: 2021–2023
  • Project status: Planning phase completed
  • Order value: approx. 200,000 euros