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December 2022

Providing social support over the festive period

Instead of sending Christmas cards this year, our annual Christmas donation will go to those in need directly on our doorstep – to the Frankfurt food bank “Frankfurter Tafel e.V.”

Donations are used to buy provisions that are then distributed to those in need via individual food banks and welfare facilities.

Source: Frankfurter Tafel e.V.

December 2022

Avoiding planning gaps in a project via quality management throughout the entire project

In 2022, we demonstrated our expertise in quality management throughout the entire project via our requirements planning and target definitions in research & teaching projects at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Numerous stakeholders from the university faculties and the university administration departments as well as the broad range of uses for university spaces demand that the requirements determined (which will serve as the requirements for the future planning and implementation team) be formulated precisely.

We look forward to continuing our strong commitment in supporting demanding construction projects with our expertise and our construction-tailored software for requirements planning, thus ensuring a high level of acceptance and transparency.

>> We can utilize robust quality management processes throughout the entire project to overcome difficulties in the project and thus avoid cost-relevant planning gaps over the course of the project.


November 2022

New DVP guideline on climate protection in civil engineering

One particular highlight of this year was the presentation of the guideline on climate protection in civil engineering, (“Klimaschutz im Bauwesen”), during the conference of the German Association of Project Managers in the Construction and Real Estate Industries (DVP) in Berlin.

Our Managing Director Huascar Rodriguez was involved in drawing up the guideline as a co-author and as a member of the DVP Fachgruppe Klimaschutz (DVP climate protection expert group).

The guideline is a compact tool for project management and control. It summarizes the following information in a nutshell: 
Terms and definitions, the role of project management and control, overview of current regulations and supplements to the scope of services for project management and control in climate-friendly construction projects.

Once again, many thanks to the climate protection team and the DVP. We had a lot of fun!

>> Our goal for 2023: To further drive “sustainability and climate protection in the construction industry” and its productive embedding in projects. 








October 2022

Sustainable construction - as a new given in project management

This year’s annual conference of the 1. Wissenschaftliche Vereinigung Projektmanagement e.V. (1st Scientific Association of Project Management) took place in Berlin in October with attending guests from the construction industry and the construction project management sector. Our Managing Director Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Huascar Rodriguez was invited to attend this conference as a guest speaker under the main theme of “On the way to resource-efficient construction: What contributions are required from project management?”
He contributed to an in-depth look at this leading theme with his insightful presentation on "Sustainable construction – Challenges facing project management”.

“It was a particular pleasure to deliver a well-founded, insight-driven specialist contribution in such an important and valuable setting,” Mr. Rodriguez stated at the end of the event.
>> Next year we will be a member of 1. WVPM

His thoughts on the following points below sparked compelling discussions
and an exchange of professional knowledge:



1. Sustainability as a new given:

>> “Magic square” of project management

Source: LOGO InfraConsult





2. Life cycle orientation of projects:

>> Life cycle costs of a building

Source: Almondia, Bautipss





3. Sustainability in project planning:

>> Setting up construction projects with embedded sustainability goals

Source: LOGO InfraConsult




4. Integrating sustainability into the course of the project:

>> Using a CO² balancing tool (D²T)

Source: LOGO InfraConsult



September 20, 2022

LOGO InfraConsult is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year -
a fact that we are immensely proud of!

What started out as a two-man company has now grown into an renowned and respected team. Today, the two company founders, Andreas Klein and Huascar Rodriguez, look back at the last 10 years with a smile on their face and a positive outlook. 

We will take on any challenge! No matter how complicated, complex and challenging a project is, we analyze it from all angles to be able to provide our customers with the best possible advice and support – staying true to our motto: “We make your project easy”

The LOGO team offers services and consulting covering the topics of airports, requirements planning and project management for construction projects. 

We have put together the highlights of the last 10 years in a video. Have fun watching!



Highlights from the last 10 years at LOGO




September 14, 2022

LOGO celebrates 10 years - An enjoyable evening with invited guests and specialist presentation

“The demands on real estate today, 100 years ago and in the future”

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, LOGO invited guests to attend a specialist presentation last Thursday at the home of classic cars, the “Klassikstadt” in Frankfurt. Seminal topics and trends concerning sustainability, flexibility and networking were considered in depth in compelling discussions during the subsequent get-together.

These engaging discussions and the relaxed, informal exchange between invited guests, long-time business and networking partners, project members, associates and old friends were wonderful, enjoyable and motivating all in one.

At this point we would like to once again extend a heartfelt thank-you to all our colleagues and guests for such an impressive turnout, with people coming from near and far. It wouldn’t have been the wonderful evening it was without you.

In short, it was an enjoyable evening and we are already looking forward to the next get-together featuring specialist presentations. 


You can view more images from this event in the gallery >>

August 2022

Gütersloh Campus of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences planning move to Gütersloh urban district of Mansergh

Since the departure of the British armed forces from Mansergh Barracks in 2019, the area is to undergo a successive transformation into a new urban district in the city of Gütersloh from 2024 to 2034.
In future, the new urban district will merge the aspects of living, working, education, business, culture and leisure. 

“Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences intends to relocate its Gütersloh Campus to the Mansergh quarter. The new campus is a trailblazing project directly situated close to the historic casino, the river Dalke and the main thoroughfare. Together with the Innovationszentrum Gütersloh (Gütersloh center of innovation), the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences campus forms a key driving force in the dynamic development of this new urban quarter.”
Source: Gütersloh, Rathaus

LOGO is looking forward to supporting the project by carrying out a requirements planning process during the development of the new Gütersloh campus for Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. The Gütersloh campus is currently split over two locations in the city and will be housed under one roof at the new location. The intention is to create a dynamic campus with a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere that operates on the guiding principle of “International campus: study, live, play and work in one place”.



July 2022

Effective project preparation counteracts cost pressure in construction

This vital and current topic was the focus of last week’s two-day LOGOtraining course on demand planning and requirements management for construction and infrastructure projects.

Given the participants, the course focused on construction projects for universities and airports – an interesting mixture of two sectors that benefited all participants and allowed them to exchange experiences. However different the fields may sound, the fundamental principles, methods and practical tools of demand planning and requirements management are the same.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our intensive training with a high proportion of practical application in small groups, too,” reports Andreas Klein, Managing Director at LOGO InfraConsult. This allows us to address individual questions and needs even better, which the participants really appreciate. 

The half-day excursion to Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport on the second day complemented the training units and best practice case studies perfectly.  

This demonstrated how the measures of an adapted infrastructure can be implemented effectively in order to enhance passenger satisfaction from check-in to take-off. We also had the opportunity to visit non-public sections of the transit and security areas – a privilege that the participants particularly enjoyed.

We would like to thank Claudia Vanheiden, Team Leader Aviation Terminal Duty Management, once again for her time and the tour of the terminal.

You can see more photos from the course in the gallery >>

We would also like to thank all the participants. We were especially pleased to receive such positive feedback on the numerous effective and useful real-life examples, and to hear that the documents and exercises were very well-structured and easy to understand.

We are already looking forward to the next course in September.

A list of all the LOGOtraining dates can be found here >>






June 2022

ILA Berlin - our finger on the pulse of the future

Every visit to the ILA aerospace exhibition in Berlin is impressive and amazing.

“However many times I attend, I am always fascinated to look at and experience the state-of-the-art airplanes and the technological and innovative progress in the aerospace industry,” reports Huascar Rodriguez, Managing Director of LOGO InfraConsult.

Representing the topic of advanced air mobility, the presentations and exhibitions of drones and air taxis were particularly impressive. We are expecting enormous change in the urban infrastructure, bringing with it complex requirements in order to be ready for third-dimension aviation systems. We are already excited to see when the first air taxis will be used in Germany.

It was great to see that the issues of #sustainability, #climateneutral and #greenflying are everywhere and very advanced in the aviation industry too, making the goal of climate-neutral flying possible in the long term.

To sum up, it is always worth keeping up with the future.

Portfolio of services in airport consulting >>





June 2022

What is new in the world of airports?

Last week, a large team from LOGO was taking in the sights and sounds of the Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris, aiming to discover, see and hear the international trends and very latest developments in the airport and passenger sector.

As both visitors and conference participants, we had plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with the exhibitors on new technologies, developments and innovations, and to expand our network. The meetings and discussions we hold with experts and long-standing business partners, customers and old acquaintances, are consistently wonderful and beneficial.

The topic of sustainability was noticeable by its omnipresence, demonstrating that even airports, airlines and airport operations are focusing intensively on decarbonization and net zero.

We at LOGO will also continue to expand this topic for our customers and incorporate it into our portfolio of services.

To sum up, we are highly motivated to adopt this new impetus and hope to put several things into practice during our projects. PTE Amsterdam 2023 here we come!

Portfolio of services >>

May 2022

New challenges at Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport

Since February this year, we have been supporting Flughafen Braunschweig-Wolfsburg GmbH in modernizing their airport site. 

Image: Copyright Andreas Rudolph 

Some of the remodeling work has already been completed. Further demanding construction measures, such as a new fire station and new vehicle and workshop halls, are currently at the planning and implementation stage. Representing the client, we form a link between the airport and the experts on the construction site, ensuring that the project runs successfully.

Another forward-looking development at the aviation site is the construction of a new terminal building. Here we are providing targeted consulting with our well-founded airport expertise.

You can find more information on the changes at the site here >>

May 2022

In-house LOGOtraining for University of Technology Nuremberg

In early May, a two-day in-house LOGOtraining course was held on behalf of the University of Technology Nuremberg

Expert staff and managers in the fields of infrastructure and construction project management and real estate gained extensive knowledge of demand planning and requirements management, which they can now put into practice in planned new construction projects. Case studies were used to apply tried-and-tested methods and practical tools, thus consolidating their expertise.

The training modules, including a half-day excursion to Goethe University Frankfurt, were run by Managing Director Andreas Klein and Franziska Ungers, Senior Consultant at LOGO InfraConsult.


We were delighted with the positive feedback we received at the end of the second day, which goes to show how important and wonderful it is to meet in person and discuss our different experiences.

We would once again like to thank Matthias Müller-Götz, Head of Facility Management (IMM), responsible for location restructuring and development, and Mr. Kunze, LBIH Project Manager from Goethe University Frankfurt, for giving us the opportunity to visit the construction site.

And of course, thank you to all the participants. It was a lot of fun.

You can see more photos from the excursion in the gallery >>

A list of all the LOGOtraining dates can be found here >>


November 30, 2021

LOGO holds a lecture at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

As part of the BA Aviation Management course at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, LOGO was invited to speak as an expert in the series of lectures on the infrastructure requirements of airport operators on November 30. 

Divided into two sections, the highly informative lectures were held by Managing Director Huascar Rodriguez and Franziska Ungers, Senior Consultant and MBA alumna of Frankfurt UAS

The first lecture gave the students a deep insight into the infrastructure needed and the complex processes involved in an airport terminal.

In the second, they gained a basic understanding of the construction and infrastructure processes at the airport, including demand planning, requirements management and operational implementation management. Ultimately, we can assume that, whatever role the students in the dual degree program later find themselves in at the airport, they will always come into contact with the construction process. 

At this point, we would like to thank Ralf Przyrembel from Fraport AG and Prof. Yvonne Ziegler, Professor of Aviation Management at Frankfurt UAS, once again for the invitation. We are already looking forward to next time.

We wish all the students every success in the future!



November 2021

Part 1 of the new terminal at Frankfurt Airport cleared for take off

The advance construction phase of Pier G – at Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport – has already been completed, and work is progressing well on the interior fittings. Although the opening of the concourse has been delayed until 2026 due to the pandemic, Pier G could be put into operation earlier if needed. 

By combining various project documents in a central room data sheet for the user, LOGO is helping prepare the new terminal buildings for functional commissioning. This involved consolidating the complex data of around 900 rooms and areas.


Photos: Fraport AG
More information on Pier G >>

November 2021

New Pharma production site - "Pearl" planning takes shape

The BAG Group has entered the next phase of its corporate development under the theme of “CREATING GREAT THINGS TOGETHER.” The planning of the new pharmaceutical production site is crucial to the expansion of BAG Health Care GmbH. That is why the project has been given the name “Pearl.” 
Image: BAG Health Care

We have developed this challenging construction project, determined the specific requirements and examined various location options with the associated costs and risks on behalf of our customer.

Carpus+Partner AG, a consultancy and planning company specializing in pharmaceuticals, analytics and life sciences, has come on board as a general planner.

We would like to thank Carpus+Partner for the smooth and inspiring start to the creative planning phase.

As project management partner, LOGO will ensure that the organization, costs, scheduling and quality assurance run in line with the project stages and AHO regulations. 

To the “Pearl” project site >>

October 15, 2021

Sustainable yet profitable construction?

It’s possible! Many people think that sustainable construction always has to be expensive, forgetting that it actually causes the value of the property to rise in the long term. Construction needs to be profitable, transparent and effective for everyone involved. And it is.

The focus here is on our special and precise decarb design tool, which we use to assess both the sustainability and the development potential of your building. Based on a compensation strategy, we are setting the course for future-proof project development that retains its value.

Our goal for 2022 is to continue to expand the sustainability consulting we offer our customers from city and municipal administrations and in the airport sector with an expanded specialist team of LOGO experts and associated partners. 

You can view the full portfolio of services offered by our sustainability and real estate consulting here.

We succeeded in taking some first positive steps at this year’s Expo Real in Munich, where we impressed with our sustainability and real estate consulting and our decarb design tool.

Do you also want to develop real estate sustainably and profitably?
Put us to the test with no obligation!


October 2021

A small contribution to environmental protection
with the RMV JobTicket

To help protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions, we provide every one of our employees with an RMV JobTicket – and do our bit to help the climate. In the evenings, at weekends and on vacation, JobTicket holders can even take another person with them free of charge. This means that, as well as reducing CO2 emissions, they can also save a great deal on fuel.

October 2021

Sponsorship of 1. FC Langen

A little goes a long way. The children of the C3 youth team (under-15s) at the soccer club 1. FC Langen love wearing the new shirts that we were happy to sponsor. 

Now all they need to do is put the ball in the net. LOGO wishes the team plenty of goals and, above all, lots of fun playing soccer.

October 1, 2021

LOGO Berlin has moved. New office location at Potsdamer Platz

We have found modern, flexible new space for our office in Berlin from office space provider WeWork.

“The stylish new offices with top IT infrastructure are just what we wanted – we feel so at home here!” reported the Berlin team in our team meeting. The central location continues to provide the ideal conditions for working on our projects in the Berlin area.





March 2021

Sustainability consulting

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly prevalent in society as a whole, and one that we at LOGO are devoting considerable attention to.

With our new sustainability consulting, we are addressing growing demands for greater sustainability in construction. The goal should be, creating the least amount of stress and strain on nature and the environment over a building’s entire life cycle – from construction, utilization and demolition. 

Graphic: BBSR

Range of services for the future

For us, sustainable development today means actively shaping the future. We have been dealing with the "green" topic for quite some time and have already incorporated isolated solutions into our projects.

With this experience and the know-how of our network partners, we have compiled a new range of services on the subject of sustainability consulting.

View all services.

You want to know more about us and our sustainability consulting?
Feel free to get in touch via our contact form.

March 2021

New collaboration with the Institute of Aviation & Tourism (IAT)

We are very pleased to have gained a strong cooperation partner for an extensive collaboration with the Institute for Aviation & Tourism (IAT) of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, an innovative competence center for aviation and tourism.

Our common focus is on the main areas:

  • Research in the field of airport planning
  • Continuing education in the field of aviation
  • scientifically based consulting for aviation
  • Expert consulting for the realignment of the airport and airline industry post-COVID-19

LOGO´s goal:

In addition to technical consulting in the core segment of aviation, now also offer scientifically based consulting, for even more competence in this sector.

With the two founding members, Prof. Dr. Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht, former COO at LH Cargo and Prof. Dr. Yvonne Ziegler, Professor at FRA-UAS for Aviation Management as well as the Managing Director Manuel Wehner, we intensify our cooperation for future webinar series and virtual training sessions, among other things.

We will announce these on our homepage, social media such as LinkedIn and Xing, and in a separate form.

February 2021

Tegel treasures get a new home

In several auctions that ended in February 2021, the Hamburg online auction house Dechow auctioned off numerous mobile objects and equipment of Tegel Airport, such as barrier tapes, monitors, benches, as well as large technical equipment such as rolling gates, a bus washing system and winter service vehicles. Aviation enthusiasts were lucky enough to be able to purchase these treasures at auction, giving them a new home and thus keeping a piece of Tegel alive.  

First-time opportunity

For the first time, we have the opportunity to support and accompany an auction as part of our project management services. Thereby we are involved in the processes and procedures in many different ways. Starting with the support of the departments for the determination of the valuable items, numerous rounds for the registration and valuation, the logistics for the difficult removal of the large equipment and vehicles out of the airport area and last but not least the scheduling for the entire utilization and marketing process with the auction house.

It´s not over yet

Until the handover to the owners in August 2021, many discussions and tours with tenants, companies and authorities, among others, are still necessary in order to hand over the entire airport site including the terminals, fire department buildings, hangars, administration buildings, baggage halls, parking areas, IT technology facilities in an orderly manner at the end.

Creative masterstroke

On the one hand, the professional management of the airport site requires the implementation of deconstruction measures and the clearing out of numerous buildings, and on the other hand, in the case of an emergency at BER, the airport-specific facilities must continue to be operational and thus kept in standby mode until the beginning of May 2021.

Not to forget, the special challenge for the construction of the COVID-19 vaccination center. The former Terminal C is not only a vaccination center, but also an operations center for the mobile vaccination teams.

With one laughing and one crying eye, we are proud to support these extraordinary tasks with our expertise and thus expand our competence in the field of "decommissioning and return of an airport".




January 2021

Frankfurt Main Railway Station - LOGO coordinates rental space development for the store and restaurant areas

The construction work for the restructuring of the B-level of Frankfurt Main Railway Station has been in full speed since October 2020. Around 60 attractive store and restaurant spaces are to be filled until the opening. Alongside the reconstruction, LOGO is coordinating and supervising the rental space development for the store and restaurant areas, which is important for this.

We provide expert support for tenants, from the planning and approval phase, through site preparation and implementation, to acceptance, stocking of goods and commissioning of the store and restaurant areas.

Our responsible task is to provide advice and assistance to future tenants and tenant planners.

These includes:

  • Removal of tenants from existing premises
  • structural and technical coordination of tenant planning with the overall restructuring concept
  • Integration of the store declaration and facade design into the overall design concept
  • Create and provide specific guides and manuals for the tenant development process


November 2020

Innovations at Berlin’s airports:
Welcome BER, goodbye TXL, SXF to be renamed

October 31, 2020 marked the grand opening of the new airport in Germany’s capitol Berlin. Since then, all airport operations in the capitol region have been focused at the new airport site. The modernized Schönefeld Airport was renamed as the new Terminal 5 on October 25, 2020, and is now part of the new BER Airport in Berlin. And it was with considerable regret that the architectural icon, the Tegel Airport, closed on November 8, 2020 after being in operation for 46 years.

Within the Operational Reliability SXF project, LOGO therefore took on the historic task of applying our multi-project management and project documentation to coordinate the individual projects within the construction and maintenance measures across the entire airport premises and support the aging Schönefeld Airport during the modernization. Measures including the installation of new security control technology, the refurbishment of terminal areas and the construction of a new bus parking lot are defined, coordinated and documented for a collision-free processing.

Goodbye Tegel and welcome “Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic” project. Establishing the foundation for the new research and industrial park requires that demolition work to take place before the property is handed over to the owners. This requires the documentation of the status of 165 buildings and units on the premises via inspections over approx. 460 hectares. Besides being involved in the project management of the demolition measures, we are also involved in coordinating the handover to the owners.

September 2020

Requirement planning and
requirement management in simple terms!

Constantly increasing costs and delays during construction projects are the subject of frequent reports. Our professional requirements planning and requirements management serve the ideal preparation of projects, thereby reducing risks to a minimum.

We asked ourselves: How can these extremely important services be explained in an easily comprehensibly way? We filled our first and entertaining explanatory video with all our experience and expertise to present what we do in an easily understood way. The video is available on the homepage or click here.

August 2020

NEW at LOGO: Security consulting
- a topic of concern for us all

Since the desire for security is growing at an ever-faster pace, we took an in-depth and conscious look at the topic. We are now very pleased to also offer our services in this segment. We offer custom and holistic solutions developed by a specifically established team of experts. Our services range from thorough analysis, to the transparent preparation of a security concept, to the implementation of agreed measures – and we will support you the entire way with expertise and reliability. The services comprise airport security, property and building security, security management such as crises and emergency management as well as the qualification and reinforcement of the topic of security with the employees of a company.
Would you like to find out more? Security Partners Network looks forward to receiving your query via our contact form.

July 2020

Pharmaceutical sector applies
LOGO expertise

The entire world is talking about the research and production of new medicines and vaccines. But how can we increase their production and product filling in our own country?
We developed a project for extending the production capacities according to GMP standards for BAG Health Care GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients for the European and international markets.

LOGO provides support with the project development for extending the production site and a logistics concept to optimize the logistics processes and storage. The demanding, complex and special requirements on new filling systems, quality controls, testing laboratories, logistics facilities and administration are absolutely essential for the extension of the aseptic filling capacities for active ingredients due to increasing demand.

May 2020

First webinar on the topic of
“Airports in times of COVID-19”

We mastered our first webinar on the topic of “Airports in times of COVID-19 – current and future challenges” with racing hearts and tremendous excitement. The exciting and concerted expert presentations

  • Influence of COVID-19 on airport processes & airport infrastructure
  • Confidence-building measures for passengers at airports – current and future
  • Trends & long-term need for action in light of the impact of the crisis

were introduced by three experts, including guest speaker Dipl.-Ing., M.Eng.Sc. Torsten Hentschel from TH Airport Consulting and Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Mark Longrée from IADC GmbH.

We’re off and running – more webinars to follow.

January 2020

Sustainable and innovative concepts
for Stuttgart Airport

The Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH initiated plans for a terminal development at the end of 2019. The objective is to reduce long waiting times for passengers in future. New demands on security, sustainability and passenger comfort dictate the modernization of the aging terminal building. The Stuttgart Airport is planning a replacement terminal to compensate for the passenger handling capacities eliminated during the modernization work. LOGO supports the awarding authority in the requirements analysis and the requirements management of the replacement terminal and the terminal development. Stuttgart Airport is especially keen on implementing sustainable and innovative concepts during the terminal modification and new constructions.

October 2019

LOGO as sponsor

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of a youth team at SV Steinfurth. LOGO is sponsoring a set of jerseys and would like to wish the team great fun in training and in future tournaments.

September 2019

Decommissioning and return of Berlin-Tegel Airport

In the course of opening the new BER airport in the capital city, the Berlin airport operating company is obligated to return the Tegel site to the respective owners. Over the coming years, a research and industrial park and a new residential area will be constructed on the Tegel site. Along with the contractual handover conditions, the preparatory tasks for the return or dismantling of all spaces, buildings and technical facilities will take part within the scope of the project. The primary goal is to ensure all construction and organizational measures required for the return of Tegel are implemented, therefore ensuring all public notifications and contracts are fulfilled. LOGO is now supporting the airport operator in the project management for the planning and implementation of all measures to ensure the site is returned on time and in the proper fashion.

August 2019

LOGO on social media

We are now also active on LinkedIn and XING. Besides insights into the world of airports, we will also publish news on our projects and job offers.

May 2019

University Logistics Congress @HOLM

Seven universities from the Rhine-Main region joined forces to hold the Logistics Conference with HOLM GmbH on May 13, 2019. With around 500 participants, the conference was a huge success.
During the event, students had the opportunity to speak directly with company representatives. The companies had their own booths and represented their businesses in over 30 presentations. LOGO also participated in the event as a speaker, exhibitor and sponsor.

(Source: HOLM Events)

April 2019

Groundbreaking ceremony for Frankfurt Airport´s third passenger terminal

On April 29, 2019, Fraport AG laid the cornerstone for Terminal 3 – one of the largest privately financed infrastructure projects in Europe. Numerous guests and construction workers took part in the ceremony which symbolizes the beginning of building construction. As a reminder of this milestone, the participants filled a time capsule and buried it. Participants included Dr. Thomas Schäfer, the Minister of Finance for the State of Hesse, architect Prof. Christoph Mäckler, Dr. Stefan Schulte, Chairman of the Executive Board at Fraport AG, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Fraport AG, Karlheinz Weimar.

At peak times, up to 5,000 construction workers will be present on the construction site. Over the coming months, around 75 cranes will dominate the view of the construction site, during which Terminal 3 will slowly grow. At the south end of Frankfurt Airport, Gate G will be constructed by 2021, with a capacity of up to five million passengers. Gate G will be a complete and cutting-edge passenger check-in building and will be integrated in the premium Terminal 3 at a later date. The completion of the main terminal building with Gates H and J is planned for 2023. This will result in increased capacities of up to 21 million passengers. Terminal 3 can be expanded to include Gate K at a later date. With the complete expansion, the capacity will increase to 25 million passengers.

(Quelle: Fraport AG)

Fraport Ausbau Süd GmbH, a 100-percent subsidiary of Fraport, is monitoring and controlling the construction project. The planned budget is between 3.5 and 4 billion euros. This is therefore the largest ever single investment in Frankfurt by Fraport AG. It comprises 500 individual tenders. Due to this division, many small and medium-sized construction companies can benefit from orders – including those in the region.

Those interested in the progress being made at Terminal 3 can view multimedia and interactive updates at (Source: Fraport AG, Press Releases)

January 2019

Expansion of baggage conveyor system at Hamburg Airport

Due to the anticipated growth in passenger numbers, the baggage conveyor system at Hamburg Airport is to be expanded during the course of a series of measures including the extension and modernization of the terminal buildings and the creation of new gates. The aim of the expansion is to improve the necessary infrastructural baggage capacities in order to meet future demand. Alongside converting existing building facilities, the construction work includes expansion of the baggage conveyor line and baggage claim area, as well as construction of a new baggage storage facility. The new building will also house a central baggage check-in area for cruise passengers, which will transfer baggage that is already checked in for cruise ships to the baggage conveyor system, thereby saving time and resources. In this project, LOGO is supporting Hamburg Airport in the requirements management of the forthcoming construction measures developed in the master plan.

September 2018

LOGO lands in Berlin

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in the German capital. Our address is Mittelstraße 5 (Airport Center Schönefeld), 12529 Berlin.

August 2018

Berlin Brandenburg Airport plans new terminal

The opening of the new airport in the German capital has already been postponed several times – but at the same time, air traffic to and from Berlin has continued to grow, meaning that the new building will reach its capacity soon after opening. Therefore, the BER Master Plan includes various expansion measures in order to cope with the passenger numbers forecast by 2040. The largest project, an additional passenger terminal (named “Terminal 3”), is to be erected immediately opposite Terminal 1 and is set to open its doors in 2025. This building is to increase the flexibility of the airport infrastructure, shorten routes for passengers and incrementally cover the required passenger capacities (source: BER Master Plan 2040, November 2017). LOGO is now supporting the airport operator in the project management of the preparatory planning phases and is drawing up the functional requirements of the building infrastructure in cooperation with the various user groups.

June 2018

Preparatory measures for expansion of the Southern Passenger Pier at Hamburg Airport

The demolition of the old air cargo facilities is just one of several preparatory measures that Hamburg Airport is conducting for adding six new gates with passenger boarding bridges at the back of the Southern Passenger Pier. To compensate for the temporary loss of gates due to the conversion work from early 2019, bus gates are being set up at the lower level, thus keeping disruption for passengers to a minimum during this time. When finished, the Pier expansion will enable passengers to board their flights quicker and more conveniently, while also enhancing their stay at the airport thanks to new service and shopping offerings.

(Source: Hamburg Flughafen magazine, 2018, second edition)

April 2018

General renovation of runway gets underway at Cologne Bonn Airport

The necessary overhaul of Cologne Bonn Airport’s longest runway has begun. In order to keep the disruption to passenger and cargo transportation to a minimum, the construction work is limited to weekends up to fall 2018. As such, the runway will still be available for aircraft during the week. On behalf of Cologne Bonn Airport, LOGO is training several hundred operative employees with regard to the special features of this construction measure. We inform staff of the specific safety requirements when working close to aircraft that are taking off and landing, as well as on subjects relating to environmental protection.

November 2017

Membership of DVP

LOGO InfraConsult has been a member of the German association of construction project managers, the DVP, since November. The association was founded in 1984 with the objective of expanding and improving specialist knowledge in this field, making the results accessible to a specialist audience and fostering collaboration between partners in construction projects through its members.

October 2017

What are the requirements for state-of-the-art airport buildings?

In coordination with the technical department of Hamburg Airport, LOGO is compiling user requirements for several construction projects. The space and function programs for the temporary terminal building of the shuttle gates and the expansion of the South Pier terminal building including the neighboring terminal areas and the noise protection wall are complete, so planning and implementation of these challenging construction projects can now begin. In compiling the construction requirements, particular care was given to the needs of the increasing number of handicapped and elderly passengers in combination with a growing share of low-cost traffic.

July 2017

BER South runway is up and running

The structural reinforcement and expansion work of the shared aviation areas of Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) and Berlin Brandenburg (BER) has begun. The goal of these activities is to ensure the parallel operation of both airports in future. Due to the construction work in the immediate security area of the existing North runway (07L/25R), this runway had to be shut down temporarily. Parts of the BER infrastructure, in particular the South runway (07R/25L) and the south taxiways are used temporarily to ensure consistent flight operations during the construction phase. LOGO InfraConsult supports the operative implementation of these measures. We use operational project and implementation management to handle the issues in flight operation successfully. After all, we want all passengers to take off for their summer vacation on schedule and land safely, despite the many construction sites on the airport apron.

February 2017

Hamburg Airport expands its capacities

Hamburg, the “pearl on the Elbe river”, is becoming increasingly popular as a flight destination for tourists. The projected increase in passenger numbers makes it necessary to expand and modernize the terminal buildings and add additional gates. LOGO will be supporting the operator of Hamburg Airport in the demand and requirements management of the pending construction measures, which were developed in the master plan. As experts in this field, we will consolidate the functional planning basis, make it available to all parties involved in the project and support its implementation later on.

January 2017

Numerous projects – maximum transparency

Frankfurt Airport, or the “city within the city” as Germany’s largest airport is often referred to, is undergoing constant change. New technologies, additional service offers and changing business strategies require constant maintenance and modernization of the infrastructure. LOGO supports the airport operator in developing an effective reporting system in order to create as much transparency as possible regarding ongoing and upcoming construction activities.

October 2016

Successful Completion of the interim redevelopment of the runway at Collogne-Bonn Intl. Airport

By bringing the runway touch-down zone lights into operation, the structural renovation of main runway 14L/32R came to an end. Damages of the asphalt’s top layer were repaired across the runways over the last few months by using a thin bituminous coating. Despite the indispensable interim renovation, the operational limitations for the passenger and cargo traffic were minimized, which was possible due to intelligent and flexible managing measures as well as the ideal communication between all project participants.

September 2016

LOGO Event 2016

The first LOGO event at the House of Logistic and Mobility (HOLM) started with the lecture on the issue of "Passenger Experience - a key success factor for your Airport”. Our network partner and ACI specialist Torsten Hentschel from Hamburg offered new insights into future service trends. Prior to an after-work celebration, we discussed the topic with our business partners and other stakeholders. It was a nice evening, which we will surely repeat another time.

April 2016

New master-planning of the Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport’s operation

Due to the delayed initial operation of the German capital‘s new airport, all planned measures concerning the current operating Berlin Schoenefeld Airport, located right next to BER, have to be coordinated again. This involves i.a. the transition to a new role as a government airport. Therefore, the corresponding masterplan regarding the flight operations and permissions has to be put in terms and has to be implemented. LOGO will assist the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport with its coordination of the project‘s operational concerns and undertake the project management of any necessary adjustments.

March 2016

New terminal building comprises 7.000 rooms

There is hardly a more complex building task than planning a new terminal, in which different processes have to be portrayed with an assured future. Therefore, it is crucial for each owner to keep track of a project‘s different requirements and their implementation. Because of the high complexity, a multitude of responsible plan- and decision-makers as well as a large number of interfaces to other projects, the application of BIM (Building Information Modelling) was discarded. Nevertheless a maximum of transparency regarding the planning progress should be guaranteed. The order to update the specifications for the digital room book, which controls the realization of all functional, structural and technical requirements of more than 7.000 rooms, was assigned to LOGO.

February 2016

Reconstruction of the runway system of Collogne-Bonn Airport

Equally to freeways, the asphalt surface of runways can be worn out by time. In consequence, damages that are caused by the weather are likely to occur. Before completely renovating the runway for this reason, an interim renovation of the 3.815m long and 60 m wide runway 14L/32R will take place. LOGO coordinates all adjustments of the operation process during the construction project, with the aim to reduce the air traffic on that important turnstile to a minimum despite the complex redevelopment.

December 2015

Planning new Terminal 3 on a big scale

The draft plan and design of Frankfurt’s third passenger terminal will be finished and put in concrete terms, soon. The plan documents have to be examined functionally and released, to initiate the next planning stage and to be able to begin with the constructions works in time. LOGO will be supporting Fraport’s team of building owners with its know-how and will be leading the technical coordination with the entire user of the building. Moreover, LOGO will provide support for the technical realization of the special facilities, which are necessary to operate an airport.

October 2015

6.200 Tons of asphalt per day

Due to the deployment of 150 construction workers and 50 large technical appliances, such as milling machines and asphalt pavers, the redevelopment of the Northern runway at Berlin’s airport Schönefeld could be completed in September 2015. The surface of 200.000 square metres had to be milled and coated with a new, ant-skidding asphalt and surface lining. All passengers had to accept the much longer taxiway to the new Southern runway during the time of building. Crucial for the success of the project was the close accordance between the airport’s departments of building, aviation and security, as well as the Joint Aviation Authority, the German Air Traffic Control (DFS) and the German Weather Service.

Source: BER aktuell

August 2015

Solving interruptions of operations fast and effectively

It’s essential for an operation manager of buildings to be constantly and immediately informed about technical, operational and / or safety-relevant disturbances. Only this way measures for the obstacle’s elimination arranged accordingly can ensure a smooth service and conduct. LOGO examined the introduction of mobile IT-Systems in the incident management for Berlin’s Airport operating company. By optimizing IT-Interfaces and the application of mobile operating units the service quality and thus the customer satisfaction will be increased.

April 2015

LOGO moves into its new offices at HOLM Frankfurt

The House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) is a new platform for interdisciplinary and applied project work, investigation, apprenticeship and further education around logistic, mobility, aviation and other bordering disciplines. The HOLM consolidates in its new quarter Gateway Gardens at the Frankfurt Airport different specialist disciplines under one single roof and will be shaped by the intensive collaboration of economy, investigation and society. Among other companies, also LOGO‘s office is located at the HOLM-building since April 2015.