Resource analysis of ground handling services for commissioning BER

Airport Berlin Brandenburg GmbH,

Project description

To guarantee a seamless start to operations at Berlin Brandenburg Airport, an analysis of the ground handling services is required with regard to the required personnel and equipment. Target values for reviewing and adapting the contract are to be developed based on the expected traffic volume and the required ground handling services derived from this. This guarantees that the needs of providers of ground handling services are covered to a sufficient degree and ensures that an optimal resource planning takes place.

LOGO InfraConsult is collaborating with effimo GmbH and umlaut SE  to support the airport in developing the target values and the target/actual comparison.


Airport Berlin Brandenburg GmbH,


  • Specification of fundamentals and determination of premises
  • Model development of airport site as basis to develop time-distance matrix
  • Development of a time-distance matrix for the airside processes for the ground handling service providers
  • Project management
  • Project communication
  • Organization of meetings and reporting

Project data

  • Determination of resources and requirements for staff and equipment
  • Evaluation of the ground handling services required
  • Project period 01/2020 - 03/2020