Master Planning New Advertising Media

Frankfurt Airport,

Project description

Media Frankfurt GmbH is exclusively responsible for marketing the over 2,000 advertising media at Frankfurt Airport. All analog and digital advertising systems in check-in hall B and gate B in Terminal 1 were recorded and documented to facilitate developing innovative and optimizing existing advertising media. In addition to covering opportunities and risks, the comprehensive analyses of existing advertising media also identified potential for developing a successful marketing strategy for a new overall master plan for advertising campaigns.


Media Frankfurt GmbH


  • Appraisal of the current situation and documentation
  • Classification of advertising spaces
  • Positioning analysis (SWOT analysis)
  • Analysis and assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessment of opportunities and risks

Project data

At Frankfurt Airport (2014)

  • More than 2,000 advertising media
  • More than 163,000 passengers from 105 countries on a daily basis
  • 108 airlines per week with 295 destinations
  • Approx. 24 million business travelers per year
  • Project period 2014