User Requirements Room Book
for Pier G, Terminal 3

Frankfurt Airport,

Project description

By 2019, the surge in passenger numbers at Frankfurt Airport had resulted in its existing terminals – 1 and 2 – being full to capacity. The decision was made to expedite the construction of the second phase of the Terminal 3 development – Pier G. Initially planned as a standalone pier, Pier G will later be connected to the main building as a fully operational terminal. In the future, there are plans to extend the pier to 600 meters (currently it is approx. 400 meters long) to achieve its full capacity of up to seven million passengers. The infrastructure is designed specifically for direct flights with a focus on highly streamlined process chains. 

LOGO IC has been commissioned by the project’s developer, Fraport Ausbau Süd GmbH, to compile the planning data into a User Requirements Room Book and to manage the data of the airport-specific equipment and fixtures. These documents form the basis for preparing and executing the handover to the airport’s operational departments. 


Fraport AG,
Fraport Ausbau Süd GmbH


  • Database-driven creation of a User Requirements Room Book
  • Summary of multiple source materials and alignment with detailed execution plans
  • Data management for airport-specific equipment and fixtures
  • Preparation of the handover to the operational departments
  • Quality assurance of implementation of operational requirements for internal departments and authorities

Project data

  • Project period: 2021–2022
  • Construction: 2019–2021
  • Annual capacity: approx. 5–7 million passengers
  • Gross total area: 55,000 m²
  • Parking positions at building: 9
  • Gates: 13 (Schengen & non-Schengen, 4 of which are purely bus gates)
  • Check-in counters / drop-off points: 22
  • Baggage carousels: 3