Requirement planning and requirements management - Conversion of passenger terminal building

Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Project description

The existing decentralized security check units in the B-East and B-West sections of Terminal 1 are to be removed and replaced by a new centralized security check installation at the check-in area in Hall B. This results in shifting the aviation security zone as well as a displacement and reutilization of existing space on various levels. 

During the project development, the impact of the function relocation and the correspondingly necessary measures were coordinated in detail with the project managers and users. LOGO documented the resulting functional and user-specific requirements in a database. The specifications sheet resulting from the comprehensive requirements analysis serve as the basis for the planning and project monitoring. 

Since work phase 2, LOGO IC has been assisting the superordinate requirements management team, and is responsible for, among other things, the continued development of the specifications sheet, functional design reviews and compiling the equipment/furnishing concept and the qualities/design of the space.


Fraport AG,

Central Infrastructure Management Department 


  • Requirement planning and requirements management
  • Review of project basis and preparation of an audit report
  • Coordination of user requirements for operative spaces, rental spaces, as well as administrative functions in workshops
  • Documentation of user requirements in computer-processable formats as a basis for planning
  • Compilation of a database-supported specification sheet
  • Compilation of the equipment concept and the qualities/design of the space.
  • Functional quality reviews 

Project data

  • Requirements analysis from 2019 to 2020, requirements management since 2021
  • Approx. 8,000 square meters conversion space
  • 16 security check lanes
  • Ongoing project consisting of 7 subprojects and a multitude of interface projects