Project management - requirement management for conversion of passenger terminal

Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Project description

The existing security check units in the B-East and B-West sections of Terminal 1 are to be removed and replaced by a new centralized security check installation at the check-in area in Hall B. This adaptation of the infrastructure in the heart of Terminal 1 will result in the aviation security zone being moved and the passenger, service and auxiliary areas being reorganized. The various measures will be implemented in multiple subprojects during ongoing operations. 

Acting as a subcontractor for Drees & Sommer, LOGO InfraConsult has conducted the coordination for the requirement management as part of project management from the start of the project. As part of this, functional technical specifications for planning have to be coordinated between the users/requisitioners and those involved in planning. This includes managing the coordination processes for creating space and function programs, and coordinating between those responsible for the project internally and externally in order to ensure that Fraport’s construction, technical and operational standards are adhered to.


Drees & Sommer S.E. on behalf of Fraport AG


  • Coordinating the recording of requirements
  • Managing the coordination processes to create space and function programs
  • Conducting requisitioner and user discussions
  • Assisting in continuing the fitting concept
  • Coordinating consultation on space design and qualities
  • Coordinating the functional QA inspections/plan inspections
  • Assisting with decision and change management
  • Assisting in interface management with internal specialist departments

Project data

  • Project start: Aug 2021
  • Project end: approx. Oct 2027
  • Project volume: approx. EUR 200 million
  • Conversion area: approx. 8,000 m²
  • Project consists of 7 subprojects and numerous interface projects
  • 16 new security check lanes, new lounge for persons with reduced mobility (PRM), staff and goods checks, technical centers