March 2023

Real estate development made easy

All qualitative and quantitative requirements available at all times!

LOGO is using BriefBuilder – a construction-specific, web-based database – for the requirement planning of FH Bielefeld’s new building at its Gütersloh campus. The idea behind the new university campus is “study, live, play and work in one place.”

Given their long lifespan, teaching, study and work rooms at universities need to be designed in a forward-looking, flexible way – while remaining within tight space and budgetary constraints.

At Campus Gütersloh, we used BriefBuilder to create a comprehensive #requirementplanning in line with DIN 18205 for two construction sections, thus creating an extensive foundation for planning implementation.

Benefits of using BriefBuilder: 

  • Precise designing of the rooms with target data for construction, engineering and fittings
  • Fast comparison and efficient forecasting of quantity determination for optimum quantity and budget control
  • Fast determination and quick comparison of area requirements with the approved areas of the university development plan – BEFORE PLANNING BEGINS!
  • Timely and quick detection of deviation of planning from the defined requirements for adherence to deadline and cost specifications

As the project progresses, BriefBuilder uses defined assessment criteria to produce a digital analysis of the plans in the architect invitation to tender extremely quickly, clearly and without significant additional effort.

With BriefBuilder, we enable everyone involved in the project to work together in a highly efficient and collaborative manner, creating the best possible conditions for our customers’ project start.

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