June 2022

What is new in the world of airports?

Last week, a large team from LOGO was taking in the sights and sounds of the Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris, aiming to discover, see and hear the international trends and very latest developments in the airport and passenger sector.

As both visitors and conference participants, we had plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with the exhibitors on new technologies, developments and innovations, and to expand our network. The meetings and discussions we hold with experts and long-standing business partners, customers and old acquaintances, are consistently wonderful and beneficial.

The topic of sustainability was noticeable by its omnipresence, demonstrating that even airports, airlines and airport operations are focusing intensively on decarbonization and net zero.

We at LOGO will also continue to expand this topic for our customers and incorporate it into our portfolio of services.

To sum up, we are highly motivated to adopt this new impetus and hope to put several things into practice during our projects. PTE Amsterdam 2023 here we come!

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