October 2022

Sustainable construction - as a new given in project management

This year’s annual conference of the 1. Wissenschaftliche Vereinigung Projektmanagement e.V. (1st Scientific Association of Project Management) took place in Berlin in October with attending guests from the construction industry and the construction project management sector. Our Managing Director Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Huascar Rodriguez was invited to attend this conference as a guest speaker under the main theme of “On the way to resource-efficient construction: What contributions are required from project management?”
He contributed to an in-depth look at this leading theme with his insightful presentation on "Sustainable construction – Challenges facing project management”.

“It was a particular pleasure to deliver a well-founded, insight-driven specialist contribution in such an important and valuable setting,” Mr. Rodriguez stated at the end of the event.
>> Next year we will be a member of 1. WVPM

His thoughts on the following points below sparked compelling discussions
and an exchange of professional knowledge:



1. Sustainability as a new given:

>> “Magic square” of project management

Source: LOGO InfraConsult





2. Life cycle orientation of projects:

>> Life cycle costs of a building

Source: Almondia, Bautipss





3. Sustainability in project planning:

>> Setting up construction projects with embedded sustainability goals

Source: LOGO InfraConsult




4. Integrating sustainability into the course of the project:

>> Using a CO² balancing tool (D²T)

Source: LOGO InfraConsult