November 2022

New DVP guideline on climate protection in civil engineering

One particular highlight of this year was the presentation of the guideline on climate protection in civil engineering, (“Klimaschutz im Bauwesen”), during the conference of the German Association of Project Managers in the Construction and Real Estate Industries (DVP) in Berlin.

Our Managing Director Huascar Rodriguez was involved in drawing up the guideline as a co-author and as a member of the DVP Fachgruppe Klimaschutz (DVP climate protection expert group).

The guideline is a compact tool for project management and control. It summarizes the following information in a nutshell: 
Terms and definitions, the role of project management and control, overview of current regulations and supplements to the scope of services for project management and control in climate-friendly construction projects.

Once again, many thanks to the climate protection team and the DVP. We had a lot of fun!

>> Our goal for 2023: To further drive “sustainability and climate protection in the construction industry” and its productive embedding in projects.