July 2022

Effective project preparation counteracts cost pressure in construction

This vital and current topic was the focus of last week’s two-day LOGOtraining course on demand planning and requirements management for construction and infrastructure projects.

Given the participants, the course focused on construction projects for universities and airports – an interesting mixture of two sectors that benefited all participants and allowed them to exchange experiences. However different the fields may sound, the fundamental principles, methods and practical tools of demand planning and requirements management are the same.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our intensive training with a high proportion of practical application in small groups, too,” reports Andreas Klein, Managing Director at LOGO InfraConsult. This allows us to address individual questions and needs even better, which the participants really appreciate. 

The half-day excursion to Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport on the second day complemented the training units and best practice case studies perfectly.  

This demonstrated how the measures of an adapted infrastructure can be implemented effectively in order to enhance passenger satisfaction from check-in to take-off. We also had the opportunity to visit non-public sections of the transit and security areas – a privilege that the participants particularly enjoyed.

We would like to thank Claudia Vanheiden, Team Leader Aviation Terminal Duty Management, once again for her time and the tour of the terminal.

You can see more photos from the course in the gallery >>

We would also like to thank all the participants. We were especially pleased to receive such positive feedback on the numerous effective and useful real-life examples, and to hear that the documents and exercises were very well-structured and easy to understand.

We are already looking forward to the next course in September.

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