November 2020

Innovations at Berlin’s airports:
Welcome BER, goodbye TXL, SXF to be renamed

October 31, 2020 marked the grand opening of the new airport in Germany’s capitol Berlin. Since then, all airport operations in the capitol region have been focused at the new airport site. The modernized Schönefeld Airport was renamed as the new Terminal 5 on October 25, 2020, and is now part of the new BER Airport in Berlin. And it was with considerable regret that the architectural icon, the Tegel Airport, closed on November 8, 2020 after being in operation for 46 years.

Within the Operational Reliability SXF project, LOGO therefore took on the historic task of applying our multi-project management and project documentation to coordinate the individual projects within the construction and maintenance measures across the entire airport premises and support the aging Schönefeld Airport during the modernization. Measures including the installation of new security control technology, the refurbishment of terminal areas and the construction of a new bus parking lot are defined, coordinated and documented for a collision-free processing.

Goodbye Tegel and welcome “Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic” project. Establishing the foundation for the new research and industrial park requires that demolition work to take place before the property is handed over to the owners. This requires the documentation of the status of 165 buildings and units on the premises via inspections over approx. 460 hectares. Besides being involved in the project management of the demolition measures, we are also involved in coordinating the handover to the owners.